Brunching at Baker & Graze

Returning to my hometown Cheltenham after an arduous exam season at University, what better way to catch-up with my family than a morning amble to the local café-style-bakery Baker & Graze. Funnily, I hadn’t heard of this little gem before (even though it is a short walk from where I live) but after a quick Google search on brunch spots in the area, I knew we just HAD to try it out. Arriving at peak brunch time, it became evident that this little foodie haven is a popular one, with people sat sipping lattes on bar stools in the window and a queue formed at the till where people waited to buy their baked goods.

Although not vegan (and nothing on the menu specifically vegan either sigh) their donuts and warm freshly baked bread looked and smelt like heaven. Therefore, whilst I couldn’t nibble on them, they were certainly easy on the eye and added to the charm of the little café, giving it something different over other simple independent coffee spots. In fact, whilst nothing was specifically vegan, I managed to create my own plant-based brunch order out of what they offered on the menu – showing that even though it seems hard to eat out as a vegan at first, people are pretty accommodating.

I altered a few things around on the menu and managed to order avocado on toast with mushrooms and spinach and a soya cappuccino to wash it all down. Hands on my heart I can say this was one of the best avocado toasts I have ever tried. And believe me when I tell you, I have tried many an avocado toast in my day – it’s my go-to brunch choice and is offered in most cafés now. The thick slice of freshly baked bread was toasted to perfection and topped with creamy smashed avo, meaty portobello mushrooms and perfectly wilted spinach, not that over-cooked slimy kind, either.

I would recommend getting there a little earlier than we arrived, as it was difficult to find somewhere to sit and we ended up finding a big table upstairs that a few clusters of customers gathered around. Nevertheless, the décor was rustic and homely, with open redbrick walls, naked light bulbs and mirrors to reflect lots of light. Oaky wooden furniture made you feel comfortable and at home and the constant wafts of baking bread and sweet cinnamon treats were dreamy.

We spent brunch discussing summer plans and what we had been up to over the last month whilst I had been away from home. We also got strange looks from others because, of course, I had my large Fujifilm camera, snapping away at my food and drinks, trying to get the best shot. And, struggles of being an instagrammer-turned-blogger, once I had taken enough pictures on my camera, I whipped out my phone to take some more! Guilty.

Anyway, I’m surprised I had never been to this cute foodie stop before, and I am definitely planning to return whenever I’m back home and feeling peckish. Maybe I’ll even bring my laptop along and feel like a proper blogger, sipping on a coffee and typing away. Either way, it was a dreamy morning thanks to a dreamy café.

Until next time,

E xx


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