This was unexpected

Never had I thought I’d create my own blog; complete with minimalistic theme, aesthetic photographs and filled with posts sharing things that I get up to and love. I remember sitting down in the mornings with a cup of tea, scrolling through fashion blogs, fitness tips and healthy food posts and feeling inspired and empowered. In some sort of way, seeing women using their intelligence and creativity to craft something so visually stunning and personal was ridiculously motivating. I want to create a platform where I can use my own imagination to curate and share ideas. Where I can uphold a conscious mind-set and promote the philosophies and products that mean something to me. Where I can inspire and encourage.

I haven’t been able to sleep properly since beginning this blogging journey because my mind has been so active, planning in my head what posts I’m going to create and how I want them to look and what message I want them to convey. I have tucked myself into bed, closed my eyes and willed sleep to come but I have had too much creative energy to know what to do with myself. The bottom line is: I am unbelievably excited to be blogging!

What you can expect from my blog:
• Healthy, colourful plant-based food posts.
• Fitness tips and motivation (I’m still learning about how to move my body to make me feel good and I want to share my journey with you).
• The clothes and products I love, and the clothes and products I think you’d love too!
• Tons and tons of the things that inspire me. Think: poetry, drawings, philosophies, art, places I’ve discovered, things that I’ve learnt, things that I’ve seen.

This summer, I feel free and empowered and ready to stop saying ‘later’ and just do it (thanks, Shia Labeouf). So, camera in hand and a summer of exploring, working, moving and relaxing, I think now is the best time than ever to start up this project of mine. Welcome to Petite Elise and a future of possibilities…

Sunglasses: QUAY // Café: Baker & Graze, Cheltenham

I will be working on more and more posts and can’t wait to share them with you! In the mean time, how about scrolling through my Instagram (which is what really inspired me to start blogging and taking pictures)?

And of course, I want to hear from YOU – what inspires you? What do you love? What do you want to see from me? I am totally open to making connections and meeting people from all over so drop me a comment/message and let’s strike up some interesting conversations.

Until next time xx


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